Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Best Buy Scam

Today I experienced the biggest load of bunk, that has again convinced me that best buy is a store that I will NEVER again purchase from, and that I will pursuade everyone that I know not to visit. The first time that they attempted to jerk me around, I figured it was just the employee that I had to deal with at the time. But now I have discovered that it was not just the employee that I had dealt with on that occasion (while attempting to purchase an external HD), but rather it is the corporate mind-set that seems to plauge the place.

My Gripe with them today is thus: a year and a half ago, I purchased an iPod video from them, and the salesman convinced me to purchase a protection plan. Which I did, as he had told me that it would cover most anything that happened to my iPod, and that it would be a good investment. Foolish me, I listened. Today disaster struck from within my iPod, whilst it sat on my desk at work, something went wrong. The screen freaked out, and I couldn't do anything. Never fear I told my self, I had wisely invested in a protection plan and everything would be ok. Even if they had to send it away to be repaired. Little did I know, that this plan was nothing more than a plan to extort more money from me at the time of my purchase. I took my little iPod in to have it looked at, at which point the proceded to tell me that they would not fix it, and it was somehow my fault that the iPod self-destructed while sitting on my desk. I couldn't take it. I turned my back smartly on the man, and walked out. I would have regretted anything that I would have said in my anger, so I held my toung. But now I speak out.

Beware the scams they try to sell you, the seem nice at first, and then they do all they can to jerk you around later. It is all a tactic to get you in the door, lie to you, take you for what they can, and then give you the shaft later on. This is not a first-time experience for me, I have had them do this to me multiple times (stupid me- I guess I am too trusting of the honesty of others). So I urge and caution anyone who reads this to BEWARE!

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Tyler said...

Hi, it's me again. I figure I might as well add my (well, my cousin's 2 cents), because I sure don't have any chemistry homework I'm supposed to be working on right now. Especially not problems 4.9, 4.12, and 4.15abd. But anyway, I've had two cousins both also have iPods break, without getting anything back from Apple. One of them had bought the extended warranty also, but nada. But the really funny thing is that both of them sent them to Apple, who said that the hard drive failure was due to user mistreatment, but when one of them sent it to an independent company to look at it, they said it was the motherboard, and that Apple should have fixed it. But naturally, they had in doing so voided the warranty, so now he doesn't have an iPod.