Thursday, February 28, 2008

To DELL with it UPDATE...

Well, after being sick all week with a particularly nasty version of influenza, I've finally gotten a hold of Dell customer care to try to resolve my problems. So after 15 min. of boring hold music, I spoke to relatively nice man named Sam, who seemed genuinely concerned about my issues. However, he insisted that he could do nothing, and didn't know why Tech. Support referred me to them. So he sent me back to technical support. After waiting a while longer, I finally got through to a new agent, this time by the name of Mike. After a while of plunking around on his computer looking for 'parts numbers' he finally came back saying he thought he found it. Next thing I know, I've been hung-up on, and I've got to call back. So I wait 5 or so minutes, waiting for him to call back, at which point I give up on him, and decide to call back on my own. Well well, luck me! I get the same guy again. He promptly promises to ship out the sticker that I need right away, and promises to send me an email with dispatch information, and fix some new problems that I found last night from the incompetence of the last tech that came out to fix my computer. Well, I haven't gotten any emails, or any phone calls, so I am crossing my fingers that they will just show up, so that I don't have to call back again.

So what are the new problems you may ask? Simple, when the guy put the motherboard back in, he didn't bother to make sure everything was lined up correctly, and broke the two side USB ports. So I explained my frustration with that technician, and Mike promised to research the problem, and make sure to send a different technician when he has my motherboard replaced AGAIN. And for those of you who don't know, this is the THIRD motherboard that I have gone through with this computer, and it is only 1 1/2 years old... WOW.

For now I've got my fingers crossed, and we'll look forward to seeing how well Dell pulls through. I'll post more on this, as it continues to develop.

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Tyler said...

OK, OK. You've got NOTHING, CC. Remember my laptop? (Assuming you even remember me, that is) I went through three motherboards in 4 MONTHS. First one was just messed up, second one was fine, except for the small fact that they forgot to plug in the CPU fan. Within a week, it had fried itself (though I'm honestly surprised it lasted even that long). Fortunately, it hasn't had any issues since, and runs like a charm - minus Vista that is. Curse Microsoft. Well, sometimes. Mainly just Vista. Until Service Pack 1 comes out and fixes file copying and the defragger. Wow this is a long comment.