Friday, February 15, 2008

The most boring day EVER

Today, has officially been the most boring day of work I have ever had. This morning, my computer decided that it didn't like working any more, and gave me a Blue Screen of Death. My computer has been giving me problems for a few days now, but it all culminated in the death of my machine. I therfore spent the ENTIRE day staring at my screen re-installing my operating system. There has to be nothing more boring than staring at the screen clicking "next" mindlessly. I could have been a monkey it was so simple. Thankfully, last night Celeste got copies of a bunch of the Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites series on CD for me for valentines day. So rather than just sitting there I thankfully had a release of listening to those to stave off my boredom. But then again, had my iPod not been broken, it would have been even better, I would have been able to at least play a game or something.

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